Jon Gosselin Tweets Kate's Injustice, Violates Court

In Celebs by KGaz , on Saturday, October 16, 2010, 5:00 AM (PDT)
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Jon Gosselin angers Kate, court by tweeting his woes.

Jon and Kate Gosselin are back at odds over a surprising peaceful few months following their divorce. Jon Gosselin opened his big mouth on Twitter to tell the world that Kate was secretly cheating him in court, and instantly Kate's people struck back...oops.

Jon Gosselin Letting His Kids Back on TLC?

Jon Gosselin tweeted Friday about an ongoing court saga that he's apparently losing sleep over. Gosselin's been trying to keep his kids from appearing on TV, and the court decided it's completely lawful for the Gosselin kids to go on-camera. Jon's reaction? Tweet tweet! While Gosselin's Twitter account has gone private since we last checked it, Radar reveals what's up:

"Jon Tweeted on Friday that he had been back to court to try to keep his kids off TV, saying they were suffering emotional and behavioral issues from their lack of privacy. He revealed that he lost his secret battle."

According to Kate Gosselin's counsel, Jon's tweets were in violation of a court order "restricting the parties from commenting on the underlying custody proceedings," said Kate Gosselin's lawyer Mark Momjian. Momjian added, "The court was very clear in its orders to maintain privacy for this couple and their children and the issues they are dealing with."

Is Kate Gosselin launching a legal attack on Jon? Unlike her ex, this mom's staying mum -- Kate's lawyer would only comment Friday with this: "We will respond to it through the court, as that is the appropriate forum to deal with these issues."

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Yowza. Stay with LimeLife to see how it turns out. And get ready for another Gosselin grapple, just in time for holiday season. Also flip through our Jon Gosselin slideshow. Haven't you missed his name in the news?! Ha!

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Comments (3)
Posted By Kimmie (3 years ago)
jon is a lazy liar...who went to court because TLC refused to rehire his skanky a**
Posted By anoymous (3 years ago)
Notice Kate has no problems airing their dirty laundry on national talk shows. Jon didn't take it to court but sucked it up llike most divorced parents have to. NO Kate is the one who files papers and gets them back in court. This woman needs to get a life, get a job and quit living off the kids.
Posted By Jill (3 years ago)
What judge would do this to these children? It is just wrong and the point is the father should have just as much right as the mother and this mother------ Kate Gosselin gets her rocks off on making profit off her children so they can pay their way and her way. I will NEvER watch her or the kids again and Kate is such a money hungry monster that uses her children in all the ways a real mom would never do, a real mom would never use her children at all. Hope your happy Kate, your a horrible person and I HOPE those kids hate you for doing all these horrible things to them. Get a job you freak & stop using your children as your profit machine. No one believe the lies you tell that the kids want to film, they are working you horrible monster and you make $250.000 a show, they only get 2$ to split between them all!!!! Oh you horrilbe person and that only makes it all the worse. Hope you fry for this in Hel_. No man will ever want someone as stupid and selfish as you. Good for Jon taking the high road again. I hope he has that decision over turned. I will tell all I kmnow not to watch you on anything and stop watching tlc or anything you're on. You make a good mom want to puke in your lame face!
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