KFC's New Cheesy Bacon Bowl: Say Goodbye To Your Arteries

In Life by , on Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 8:30 AM (PDT)
When all else fails, just add bacon.


Cheese, Chicken, Gravy and Bacon. How Else Do You Speak American?

Just when you thought KFC couldn't make it any easier to shovel cheese and fried chicken into your mouth, that resourceful Colonel Sanders has found a way. Oh, and just for an extra kick, he added bacon to it. Introducing the new Cheesy Bacon Bowl from Kentucky Fried Chicken, because apparently bacon fixes everything. Except maybe your high cholesterol.

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Following in the footsteps of the chicken-on-chicken violence of last year's Double Down Sandwich, the new artery-choking bowl contains an unholy alliance of mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, fried chicken, cheese and bacon.

For those keeping track, that means KFC has improved upon its original recipe of cheesy chicken mush ... by adding bacon.

A massive 525 g. serving, the bowl brings with it 680 calories (280 from fat), 31 g. of fat, 8 g. of saturated fat and 2130 mgs of sodium, enough to kill Colonel Sanders' horse. And that's all before you even put the crispy fried ham bits on top.

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Have you ever wondered if your eyes can have a heart attack? If so, get your heart rate monitors ready, and check out a commercial for the new Cheesy Bacon Bowl below.

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Comments (4)
Posted By credo (2 years ago)
Looks pretty good. But enough with people being so concerned with health and all this BS. mashed potatoes are good, bacon is good, corn is good, gravy is good, cheese is good, and chicken is good. I dont get whats so bad about it. It's always these middle aged fatty women who are concerned with calories anyway. Just stfu already. And stop badmouthing good foods. It only makes you sound like a pretentious douchebag,
Posted By Hans (2 years ago)
Sure all the ingredients is good for you...Its not like the number one Killer in America is Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke....So keep on Eating and one day we can all get to share in that Experience. Isn't it also Ironic most folks don't die of old age most folks die of complications with their Health. BON APPETIT....
Posted By Mark (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but it doesn't even LOOK good! And knowing how bad it is for you, I'll pass. Colonel Sanders is probably thinking, "What the hell ever happened to my chicken?"
Posted By Garry Egan (2 years ago)
Why you gotta hate on bacon?
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