Lady Gaga Wants To Pose For Playboy

In Celebs by KGaz , on Friday, June 11, 2010, 4:10 AM (PDT)
lady gaga


Gaga's handlers kicking and screaming.

Lady Gaga's having one of the weirdest weeks ever. First it was reported that Katy Perry was slamming her on Twitter, then she showed up to her sister's high school graduation looking a little confused. Now she's asking to be featured in Playboy, and finally her people are stepping in to take the mike.

We read a report late Thursday that Lady Gaga's latest quest is a spread in Playboy: "She thinks it will be an experience," said an insider, "and she's always looking to grow as an artist. She doesn't think there's anything distasteful about it. She sees it as just another form of expression ... She's always looking to shock and entertain, and something like this would be perfect for her. She wants her shoot to be like nothing Playboy has every seen before." The source also said that Gaga has followed Hugh Hefner's work for a long time.

Last February it was reported that Gaga had already turned down an offer from Playboy...but now she seems to be the mastermind of this latest scheme. The idea's getting mixed reviews among the consumer crowd, with some people pointing out that we see enough of Lady Gaga's unmentionables just in her everyday getups. Others, such as our friends at Celebuzz, think it would be awesome "to have pictures of her naked all at once."

However it's reported that Lady Gaga's people are totally against the idea: "No-one wants her to do it. Her business people are trying to convince her that it could be seen as being a bit lowbrow and cheesy, and will alienate her fans who like her edgy appeal."



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Comments (17)
Posted By val (4 years ago)
Enough with the gimmick already. Its LAME, TIRED, and its been done to DEATH. Give it a rest already
Posted By Ken (4 years ago)
Then Lady Gaga..should pose for Penthouse or about expanding her horizons....Ha ha ha
Posted By Lin (4 years ago)
I have one word to say about Gaga appearing in Playboy. Barf!!!!
Posted By doser (4 years ago)
I wouldn't look at that freak of nature naked even if it was the last contained in the last dirty magazine on the planet. "She" is a transvestite donkey witch with the body of a man. I'd rather eat my own puke than look at pictures of "her". I mean him. I mean "her".
Posted By lawrenze13 (4 years ago)
does she have a penis or what? if not then hell yeah great idea! if yes then im gonna be sick :-(
Posted By silas (4 years ago)
Lady Gaga "lowbrow" and "cheesy"? Too late.
Posted By dietfads (4 years ago)
Where is the glam in posing for Playboy????
Posted By condom (4 years ago) what.
Posted By condom (4 years ago) what.
Posted By TCE (4 years ago)
Noooooooooooo! That would be the worst issue of Playboy ever!!!!!! Eww, I've lost my appetite just thinking about her naked.
Posted By jake (4 years ago)
Obviously she has to do this, finally we can see if the she has a penis rumor is real or not.
Posted By Maddie (4 years ago)
I really think she should. I'd buy that issue. And I'm a woman. Also, it'd show everyone once and for all that she doesn't have a penis.
Posted By Dagonweb (4 years ago)
Posted By kimooa (4 years ago)
Gaga is Fashion hierarch, she always has her opinions on fashion.
Posted By Austin (4 years ago)
I think lady gaga should go for it... and then after that the rumor of her being a man will finally stop
Posted By jzilla (352 days ago)
i would love to masturbate to her.. did i say that out loud
Posted By jzilla (352 days ago)
I would love to masturbate to her.. did i say that out loud
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