Love Thyself

In Love & Sex by Stella , on Thursday, April 09, 2009, 1:00 PM (PDT)
speidi in love
Works for Speidi


The relationship you have with yourself determines all others.

You know how they told you when you were little that you were unique like a snowflake? Um yeah, they told everyone that, which means we are all unique snowflakes, which is never more apparent than at the DMV. Embroidered pillow philosophy aside, you are unique, but not because of your fashion or the way you laugh or your secret crush on McLovin. It's how you think about yourself.

If you study yourself in the mirror, or play back everything you say after you say it, you won't love yourself. You can't. You're too busy hating on you. This doesn't mean we think you should stop with the highlights and the well-fitted jeans, but know when to say when on the outward stuff, and look inside. You're beautiful. You're cool. You're smart. Tell yourself that every time you look in the mirror for one week, and see if you care just a little less about your thighs or that tiny bump on your chin. Mwah!

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