Man Hopes to Become First Male NFL Cheerleader [VIDEO]

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 8:28 AM (PDT)
First male cheerleader in NFL?


Sacha Heppell Tries Out for Denver Broncos Cheerleading Squad

Well, here's a new twist. A Denver man has career aspirations of being the first male cheerleader for the NFL.

Hey, stranger things have happened.

Before I watched the video, I knew that having a dude join the Denver Broncos cheer squad wasn't going to happen.

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For one, NFL cheerleaders have a certain image and in no way does that include anything a guy has to offer.

I may or may not be talking about boobs. Despite the function of cheerleaders, you have to agree that there are no ugly NFL cheerleaders. Or guys.

Okay, back to Heppell, who actually tried out for the Denver Broncos cheer squad but didn't make the cut.


It's not exactly like Heppell has vast cheerleading experience either -- he's an amateur dancer who has worked on a street corner, dancing with a sign.

Still, it's not entirely a bad idea for one guy to join 300 hot women who are all trying out for the cheerleading squad. Look at all those hugs he got!

Heppell noted, "It's huge, I'm excited. I am thrilled. No male has ever made it through auditions. I don't even know if a male made it to the auditions."

He added, "When I dance, I lose myself!

Broncos Cheerleaders Director Teresa Shear noted that anyone can try out, so they don't turn guys away from their open auditions.

A rival contestant thought Heppell's try out was "awesome," adding, "whatever you want to do, pursue your dreams."

Only 60 were selected to compete for the next round of auditions. Hepell wasn't among the finalists, but he noted, "I'm a little disappointed, I gave it all I got and I didn't make the cut."

It's not going to keep him down, as he promised, "I am going to continue to practice, practice, practice throughout this year, and I will be back next year."

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Watch the video to see Heppell's audition -- something about this is vaguely reminiscent of an SNL sketch.



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