Marilyn Manson and Avril Lavigne: The Couple From Hell?

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Friday, June 29, 2012, 2:19 PM (PDT)


Just Friends or Are Avril and Marilyn a Gruesome Twosome?

Avril Lavigne's taste in men is, to say the least, eclectic: first there was hubby and Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley, then there was preppy party boy Brody Jenner and now, in what may be her oddest choice of all, the pop rocker may be dating shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

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Sources differ on whether or not the two have coupled, but the duo has been spending a lot of time together in Paris, Star magazine reports (via Celebitchy).

"Avril has been in Paris and Marilyn is on a European tour, so whenever he has a break, he files back to Paris to be with her," a source tells Star mag. "They’ve been hooking up and then Skyping when they aren’t together. It’s not really serious yet, but they’ve definitely got a little love connection going on."

Manson, 43, and Lavigne, 27, have reportedly been friends for years, but with both of them single at the same time, an "oh my goth" love connection -- Celebitchy's clever take on the supposed romance -- has bloomed.

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Lavigne and Jenner ended their two-year romance in January, while Manson, who was married to Dita Von Teese and has dated the likes of Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood, among others, has been mostly single, aside from a reported recent dalliance with singer Lana del Ray.

The big question now (other than whether or not the two are really a couple, of course): Will Avril and Marilyn -- or "Avrilyn" as we're going to call them -- get matching tattoos, like Avril did with both Whibley and Jenner?

And if this is going to be a regular thing for her, let's hope her dating life isn't particularly active, lest she eventually run out of skin space on which to get inked.

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Comments (5)
Posted By John (2 years ago)
This rumor has already been proven untrue, Marilyn Manson has already said that this is not true.
Posted By John (2 years ago)
Marilyn Manson's spokesperson has already stated that this rumor is not true.
Posted By LimeLife (2 years ago)
I guess that's why this article asks the question "is it true?"
Posted By Diana (2 years ago)
Unless he has dumped Lindsay Ulrich,this is ust nonsense. He has been dating Ulrich for,two years now I think?, or something to that effect and she is on tour with him. You can regularly see pictures of them together, holding hands and such.
Posted By Diana (2 years ago)
Manson has been dating Lindsay Ulrich for,what, two years now I think? She is a photographer. He has her on tour with him and they are regularly photographed holding hands and such.
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