Matthew Perry Will Appear on "Cougar Town"

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Cox and Perry Are Teaming Up Again

Seems audiences just can't get enough of Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox together on the small screen -- either that or "Friends" fans remain rabod for a Monica/Chandler reunion. Either way, fans of both actors have another reason to rejoice as the two will be teaming up yet again.

As we reported earlier this month, Cox recently filmed a guest arc on Perry's freshman sitcom "Go On," appearing as a potential love interest for Perry's character, sports radio caster Ryan King. The episode is slated to run sometime next month.

Now, Perry is set to return the favor. Reports today have surfaced that the former Canadian tennis champ will scoot on over to "Cougar Town" to stir things up a bit for Cox's wine-loving character, Jules.

Perry will be the third ex "Friend" to stop by the Bill Lawrence show (which also stars Lawrence's wife, Christa Miller who lands roles in all of his sitcoms). Both Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston have swung by the show -- which has been relegated to airing on cable on TBS this year.

When will Perry's episode air? According to Cox, it won't be long. As she tweeted last night, "As soon as we go back on the air you'll be enjoying @MatthewPerry."

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