Men Walk Slower When Thinking About Sex

In Love & Sex by LimeLife , on Friday, October 25, 2013, 1:50 PM (PDT)
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Just going for a leisurely stroll.


Women Slow Down A Lot When With Other Women

A man who slows down to walk at your pace isn't just being a gentleman -- he may actually have some dirty ideas in his head.

A new study has found that men tend to walk at a slower pace than normal when walking next to a woman they perceive as a potential sexual partner, say researchers at Seattle Pacific University in Washington state.

The study, which was published on the PLoS One science and medical research website, also showed that men (who tend to walk faster than women) do not change their pace when walking with someone who is not a romantic partner.

So why would a man change up his skip for a woman? Anthropologist Cara Wall-Sheffler says it could be a way for women to conserve energy.

Unlike men, whose sperm counts don't take a hit when they exercise, a woman who exerts too much energy could hinder her ovarian production. Thus the need to spend less energy walking at a breakneck pace.

Plus, if a guy is considerate enough to slow down for his partner, he might even stick around when there are kids, too.

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