Michael Richards, "Seinfeld's" Kramer, Has a New Show - Will You Watch?

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michael richards


Will You Tune in to Michael Richard's New Sitcom?

It's been more than ten years since we've seen Seinfeld's Michael Richards on television, but that's about to change.

Richards, best known for playing Jerry's wacky neighbor, Kramer, is set to star alongside "Cheers" alums Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman in an upcoming show for TV Land.

The show, called "Giant Baby" focuses on a Broadway diva (Alley) and her assistant (Perlman) and chauffeur (Richards). The thrust of the plot being that the son Alley gave up for adoption reappears many years later after his adopted mom passes away.

Richards has mostly been out of the public eye since 2006 when he was taped hurling expletives at a comedy club crowd and repeatedly using the "N Word." The tape went viral and his career went up in flames.

Are you at all interested in seeing these three TV veterans in a new series or do you prefer to remember them as their original characters?

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Comments (6)
Posted By Meli (1 year ago)
Why not? White people came to our shows and watched us, and didn't like us, and were scared of us? I don't give a damn who he likes or dislikes- it's about entertainment, right? This is what I would like to say because I was a fan of his...but as I'm writing this, I feel I should admit that I'm just kidding, I wouldn't DARE watch his show.
Posted By MrH (1 year ago)
as a black man, and being over the age of 40 i say id be looking forward to seeiing him on a sitcom. all these years ive seen very bad examples of my brothers and sisters and that does nothing but make things worse for those of us that are trying to make a difference and set a better example for the youngbloods coming up behind us. was he wrong for that statement? yes, but was he provoked ? i say yes he was. was he wrong? yes he was but so were the hecklers. what he should have done was tell them to bring thier butts on stage and let the entire crowd end up heckling them. it was short fused and bad decision making on what course of action or retaliation he chose . hey no one is perfect and as far as that infamous N word i have this to say to all the brothers and sisters, and that is if you are using that label to describe yourself or another brother or sister then maybe the true definition of the N word and origin is something you should research. as far michael richards is concerned, i say again he lost it and said the wrong thing but im more than positive whoever it was directed to probably deserved to be called some derogatory term. he chose the wrong term to use but that doesnt mean he should be banished off the face of the earth, and if the person reading this is one of those hypocritical individuals who caused all of the loss of fans and tv shows and movies for such a funny guy, try not to ruin someone else's life because of your ignorance.
Posted By truthhurts (1 year ago)
I forgave Michael Richards a long time ago. He apologized (even if the media idiots said it wasn't "good enough" whatever the f*** THAT means) What I don't understand is how other celebrities like Howard Stern and Artie Lange can get away with being racist, NOT apologize for their racism, and yet nobody questions them or tries to end their careers. I hope Michael Richards' show does well. He deserves to be on top again.
Posted By Toni (306 days ago)
Won't be watching this racist creep show.I do not have a short memory.he is Jewish. he should know better. He is from a group of people that were persecuted. How dare he use the N word. the rest of you should tune Out as well.........Racist.
Posted By Toni (306 days ago)
He is a racist plain and simple...don't watch this stupid show...remember the N word.........we have not forgot mr Butthole.
Posted By Martha Wiggins (285 days ago)
Love Kistie & Rhia Perlman, but not enough to tolerate Richards. He has the right to say whatever he pleases. I have the right to avoid him like the plague.
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