Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Influence on American Youth

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Friday, January 28, 2011, 1:55 PM (PST)
miley cyrus
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Even the youth think so

I can't even count the number of stories we wrote about Miley Cyrus's scandalous behavior in 2010. And clearly, we weren't the only ones who thought Miley was acting a bit out of control. She was just voted the worst influence on American youth in 2010. Do you agree?

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Yup, AOL's Just So You Know website has named Miley Cyrus the worst celebrity influence for the second year in a row! She ended up with 58% of the 99,000 votes. The website has a target audience of kids age 9-15 and these were the people who were voting for Miley. Even kids realize she's a bad influence on them!

Who did Miley Cyrus beat out for this "honor"? Readers believe she was a worse influence than celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Teen Mom Amber Portwood, and recently-rehabbed Demi Lovato. She also beat out rapper Kanye West and Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford.



So, why did Miley Cyrus win this coveted title? I think it has something to do with where she cam from and who her fans are. I mean, sure Taylor Momsen is a bad influence, but she stars on Gossip Girl, a show for an older crowd. Most kids probably don't even realize how young Momsen is. Miley Cyrus was starring on Hannah Montana, a Disney show with an audience of little kids.

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Some will say Miley Cyrus's bong smoking and scandalous outfits and dancing isn't a big deal and is normal for teens her age. But even kids can agree she's not influencing them in a good way. I can't wait to see who takes away this award in 2011!

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Comments (75)
Posted By Harold Todd (3 years ago)
She will be in drug rehab before she can vote!!!
Posted By Starlight15 (3 years ago)
such double standards, what about all those teen girls drinking - even if it's just a glass of wine, it's just as "bad", it's actually worse! How many kids on pot do you see stumbling all over the clubs showing their vajayjay because they're drunk?! Those are the girls that should be voted worst influence!!!
Posted By August (3 years ago)
Disney stars are exactly why I block the Disney Channel from my TV; and I have NO KIDS!
Posted By xfiler93 (3 years ago)
Just another Lindsey Lohan in the making. This is really indicative of our celebrity crazed society we live in. It is a sympton of the sickness our society has for these deviants and lowlifes. We praise seeing images of Jesus in urine and applaud that but condemn religion in schools and demonize the "morality" this country USED to adhere too. This is the result, and it will only get worse.
Posted By Yukiko (3 years ago)
I'm sure any rational person or entity could find a worse influence on youth. For starters Charley Sheen, Lady Gag-a, Linsey Lohan, John Edwards and the list goes on ad nauseam. I don't know if AOL still has their pornographic chat rooms but, if so then AOL earns top honors. Miley may not be an angel but she isn't the ogre you people purport her to be.
Posted By BRR (3 years ago)
Miley's parents are definitely part of the problem being ignorant, rich and ridiculous looking.
Posted By billy (3 years ago)
one more waste with lots of $
Posted By billy (3 years ago)
one more waste with lots of $
Posted By billy (3 years ago)
one more waste with lots of $ kids should realize by now there is no one worth looking up to. be yourself
Posted By SHush (3 years ago)
This is absolute nonsense. The only problem w/Miley is that she has not made Politically Left Wing Allegiance. Any child( like Palins kids) who is not a Holly-weirdo comm-ie gets this treatment . In the age of vulgar MTV SKINS & Gaga 's raw raunch Miley is Mother THeresa. Give me a break with this B S> We stopped going to movies & support Holly-weird for this reason. Good people of this country are awake & don't buy this n o nsense.
Posted By SHush (3 years ago)
You can bet any money, the neg comments come fro m the Web SIte Admin who's only job is to stir up hate. If it rocks your boat to lie & look foolish doing it,goatit. JUST KNOW WE DON'T BUY IT
Posted By Beenaroundyaknow (3 years ago)
It's "normal for teens of her age" because the parents aren't teaching them proper behaviour or holding them accountable for their actions. She'll be another Linsey Lohan before long. Sad
Posted By Aunt Bee (3 years ago)
Another degenerate in OmeriKa. 911essentials dot com
Posted By JBC (3 years ago)
Funny how we forget, she's not on this earth to be a role model, she's here to enjoy her life. If some idiot wants to base their decisions on what this girl does, she has nothing to do with it.
Posted By mom zde (3 years ago)
You media don't like Cyrus' father because he isn't a left-winger, so you trash his daughter. Left-wing cokeheads, however, are OK, right?
Posted By slim (3 years ago)
another disney kids takes a dumper. Surprise, Surprise!!
Posted By slim (3 years ago)
another disney kid goes down, maybe it is time to look at the correlation between Disney and young stars going off the deep end. Rate is substantially higher than in the normal population
Posted By A. Gabriel (3 years ago)
Miley's a cheap slut. That's the story.
Posted By Gomalio Fung (3 years ago)
Well, when yo' daddeh wears a mullet and tawks lak he wuks down at da mill, what do you expect the daughter to be like? C'mon. Amerca needs a heroine for truck stop waitresses, too. Don't be so "harsh". She could be sucking on worse things than a "bong".
Posted By Gomalio Fung (3 years ago)
At least she's not slurping on Eisner's little schmeckel. (That we know of, that is.)
Posted By Kevin (3 years ago)
So, you thing that women can't be a bad influence? Think again....
Posted By Melvin (3 years ago)
Disney has a habit of doing this to their female actresses, turning them into drug crazed sex pots. What the Disney Execs have done to Walt's vision, should be all put into prison for peddling porn.
Posted By JeffW Htos1 (3 years ago)
Actually,the abortion known as gangsta (c)rap is worse.
Posted By GTaylor (3 years ago)
White trash gegets white trash
Posted By JeffW Htos1 (3 years ago)
The abortion known as gangsta (c)rap is worse.
Posted By GTaylor (3 years ago)
White trash Begets White trash...
Posted By Simba (3 years ago)
everyone just needs to chill a was just pot?! It's not beer or booze - the real gateway drug. There have been others with much worse habits that should be at the top of this list, not her. She's just not leaning left enough for all you "saints" out there.
Posted By JeffW Htos1 (3 years ago)
The abortion known as gangsta (c)rap is worse.
Posted By TomB (3 years ago)
And I suppose you morons spewing hate about "white trash" sucking "schmekels" and Miley being a "cheap slut" consider yourselves good role models for children. Child welfare departments could cruise these comment boards for where to look for kids in danger.
Posted By Danny (3 years ago)
What does it profit a man (Billy) to gain the whole world but forfeit his soul? Seems to me that Billy needs Jesus Christ. I will pray for him, his daughter and his entire family. May God bless them with mercy and grace.
Posted By Dutra (3 years ago)
She be livin' in Skankville.
Posted By Mika (3 years ago)
In 1984, we didn't look like 45 year old women. The hair extensions, false eyelashes, heavy eye makeup - older dress, make you teenagers and early 20 somethings look old. Is old what your generation thinks is beautiful? What ever happened to sweet 16? It's 16 going on 27 these days, and it's so, so sad. The sexualization of our women is just awful and is so un-necessary. See how men treat us now? And we have ourselves to thank for it.
Posted By Mike (3 years ago)
Fact of the matter is Miley is Cherokee. Bill's a Cherokee, at least he promoted himself as one. If this is the case, any mood altering drug is dangerous especially for anyone of native American decent. Bill should know this and have stressed this fact to Miley all through her childhood. Native American's are hard hit by substance abuse from the get go. She needs some real intervention or she is going to have a real bad time.
Posted By Chris (3 years ago)
Sad. The parents should be the influence. Not some actor or singer. Put the blame where it belongs.
Posted By waycoolsnoopy (3 years ago)
Actually, the stupid bong incident is one of her least offensive transgressions. Far more despicable and nefarious is the propaganda-laden script of her show and her tart little personality and for that I blame the globalists at Disney more than her own disfunctions. Cyrus has clearly been a ringleader and motivater in the whole "precocious puberty movement" and "whore-ification" of American youth and make no mistake it has been intentional. I have always hated her and her show but I can think of a 100 reasons why other than her smoking some weed on her own time. I am glad I do not have children but if I did, they wouldn't get anywhere near Cyrus' ilk or Nickelodeon, ABC "Family," etc.
Posted By wantedtopointthisoutsincenonehas (3 years ago)
Miley was doing bong hits of salvia, the same drug the arizona shooter was using and I haven't heard anyone say anything about it. I love our soviet style media these days.
Posted By America (3 years ago)
I just want her to OD and die soon
Posted By Jeff (3 years ago)
Why does everyone get so dam upset when a kid acts like a kid. Celeb's are people too. And If you say you never tried pot or drank your full of you know what.... Remember the old saying people in glass houses shouldn't thow stones... All of you out there talking crap about celebs should take a good look at yourselves before saying stuff about other people. Remember they are human too and everyone makes mistakes, tries drugs and alcohol. I am so tired of everyone putting them high up on a pedestal. You children should be looking up to their parents not some actor/ actress on the stupid TV. That right there is an issue.....
Posted By EDDIE (3 years ago)
I'm with the GUys who say the media sucks on this one. The girl is hardly a bad influence compared the other hollywood freaks. Pot smoking is the least of my worries when a show like skins is on the air. Your talkin about her personal life. And besides. She is not a kid anymore. SHe is a young lady. And I totally agree that it's the lefty media bashing a non-left wing loon celebrity. ya. the media sucks. And you people with kids that feel threatened by her actions. Start parenting and STFU. that is all. now go continue being ignorant.
Posted By Mike (3 years ago)
It only goes to show how hollow these people are. Why anyone would watch these dysfunctional people is beyond me? It says much about those that make such people idols.
Posted By Jeff (3 years ago)
I totally agree with EDDIE
Posted By Jon (3 years ago)
You all are retarded... she's 18. She can vote.. and no drug rehab! She doesn't get into near as much trouble as most high school kids and that bong she was smoking wasn't a controlled substance. She's also worth close to a billion dollars! Grow up and deal with the fact that at 18 she has more responsibility and success than you'll ever have in your life. Plus she has a great relationship with her father... sure she might have some party days / time but she certainly will not become a Linsday Lohan who's entire family is an absolute disaster.
Posted By Jeff (3 years ago)
Ok as for the wishing that celebs would OD and die... Now thats just down right being an @ss.. What if they were your son, daughter, sister, brother, mother, father or anyone else in your family? Would you like for people to publish crap like that about them. How would you feel? Take a look at you and your own family before you bash or say you want someone to die... Your not a good influence for your kids either talking like that.
Posted By Gregg (3 years ago)
Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks. Last link (before Google Books bans it also]: iuniverse com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000190526
Posted By Harry 0brian (3 years ago)
While I'm not a fan of Ms. C I find it absolutely riotous that anyone would consider her a bad influence on the publicly under-educated youths of America. Ms. C is actually a walk in the park compared to the likes of MTV. And what or who is AOL? I thought they went out of business years ago.
Posted By herm hollaway (3 years ago)
Take note kids: Money can buy a lot of things, but class and happiness are priceless. Miley just demonstrates that you can drag a spoiled little redneck out of her splendiferous trailer and make her a star, but turn her loose, and she'll stagger on home; like some sort of hick-homing-pigeon. Keep livin' large, Miley. You're the perfect training aid for responsible parents.
Posted By mary leeper (3 years ago)
IIf President Obamo has done the following as he said he has smoke pot, cigs, and done cocaine. What is the big deal.
Posted By Pissed Parent(who pays for the cable) (3 years ago)
If Disney doesn't start to put some kind of morals clause on these kid performers, I will block the channel. It's a free country, but it's also a free market. Try this: For five years after the show is off the air we have a right to your image and public appearance -- like what happened to Jon Gosselein, who thankfully DISAPPEARED. Poof. I don't see him any more. Another Britney/Miley/Whatever that I have to explain away, and some morally grounded greedy capitalist will launch a competitive self-regulating cartoon network. One more loser and DISNEY WILL BE BLOCKED in my house. I have four kids.
Posted By Bob (3 years ago)
They just need to take women off the air, or at least off of shows children and young teens watch.
Posted By RobbieK (3 years ago)
People like Billy Cyrus are the reason I became an Independent. I hate Democrats and the Republican party is filled with people who don't even know the definition of Conservatism, like Billy Cyrus and his daughter. Either way, people who follow Brittany Spears, Madonna, Jersey Shore, the Kardashians, etc., are the reason we have an illegal alien as President right now.
Posted By shaggy (3 years ago)
why is she even famous? Not talented, not attractive, i don't get it.
Posted By jetty (3 years ago)
#mary leper: "If President Obamo has done the following as he said he has smoke pot, cigs, and done cocaine. What is the big deal." It shows that celebrities like Obama, Miley and Britney are self-centerd, shallow people.
Posted By the Dude (3 years ago)
Another worthless "celebrity."
Posted By Ar Amytas (3 years ago)
Miley Montana S*cked from the beginnin' She will always be a talentless RedNecks Talentless spawn.
Posted By Foo Bar (3 years ago)
Indeed, if parents take time with their children and do not cede control to the media outlets, no pop tart can truly be a bad influence.
Posted By Oberon123 (3 years ago)
She's pure white trash. Why is anybody shocked? So is her old man. What do people expect when they elevating this country, red-neck trashy lifestyle? How anybody could call that whiny crap music is beyond me. Kids like this is the result of glorifying the music and its lifestyle.
Posted By phil+ (3 years ago)
I know I am in the minority and I am about as conservative as they come. I was feel bad for these teenage stars. Kids make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, but when a celebrity teen makes those mistakes, its blasted on the web, magazines, etc... I hope that she has a strong enough metal to get through this and can have a semi-normal life, when all her fame/notoriety passes by.
Posted By KipNoxzema (3 years ago)
It's just like with Britney Spears. The moms denounce her, but hurry to get their hair done and buy clothes like hers.
Posted By carl george (3 years ago)
Miley Cyrus, the second coming of Britney Spears, of Lindsey Lohan, of Martin wait he's male,...of (insert train wreck here).
Posted By Vince (3 years ago)
The parents are too busy counting their money and marketing her as a SL_UT. They reap what they sow.
Posted By Original BobXBox (3 years ago)
pathetic and moronic. how long before we hear about her being carried from clubs drunk, overdosing, entering rehab, or trying to fight off the release of x-rated video?
Posted By milo (3 years ago)
Parents shouldn't be worriying about Miley influencing her children if they're raising them properly. Honestly, who cares? She's an 18 year old who's not harming anyone. How did this become politicized anyway? It has nothing to do with which party you associate with, and which you decide to blame for everything that goes wrong. Their are bigger things happening in the world today that will have an effect on everything. And if people started giving those stories half of the attention and action silly ones like this are getting -without politicizing everything- then maybe something would get done and we'd realize how unimportant this Miley Cyrus story really is.
Posted By milo (3 years ago)
oops, i meant "..influencing *their* children.."
Posted By Long Dong (3 years ago)
I want to see her NAKED!!!!!
Posted By matt (3 years ago)
I'd hit it!
Posted By moi (3 years ago)
Posted By moi (3 years ago)
Posted By moi (3 years ago)
Posted By moi (3 years ago)
Posted By Adrian Vance (3 years ago)
The parents should be put into re-hab and there sterilized. There are people who should never, ever have children. They only create monsters, pretty or otherwise. Molly is dangerous to your health. Conservative thought, science and humor at The Two Minute Conservative for radio/TV hosts, opinion page editors and you. Also on Kindle. Search for it.
Posted By kentex1146 (3 years ago)
Hollywood, the entertainment industry and much of the media is fueled by cocaine, meth, etc. And yet, we're constantly barraged by these degenerates, telling us how we should live our lives and what causes we should support with our checkbooks. YUK!
Posted By ChicagoNick (3 years ago)
The whole entirety of the so called entertainment industry and dinosaur media is to blame for most of all America's ills from broken families to drug addiction to even contributing to the illegal alien tsunami . Period. The left despises honest hard working families like the Palins and millions of other American families while it glorifies shiiite bags like Cyrus to 8 Ball Charlie Skeezer, the Caucasian crack slime who belongs in ghetto crack house, not television being adulated by young and dumb drug addicts thinking they too can be millionaires for doing nothing,.
Posted By Patrick Bateman (3 years ago)
I hear she blows naggers for pot in LA night clubs
Posted By Patrick Bateman (3 years ago)
I hear she blows naggers for pot in LA night clubs
Posted By Patrick Bateman (3 years ago)
I hear she blows naggers for pot in LA night clubs
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