Mom And Pornstar Daughter Team Up For Strip Shows

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Take Your Daughter To Work Day Just Got a Whole New Meaning


"I Haven't Had Sex With Dozens Of Men"

Australian porn star Kiki Vidis wanted to spice up her strip shows. So she hired her mother. Now Vidis and her mummy dearest, Mia Robinson, are turning heads Down Under for their tandem erotic shows. But the pair insist there's nothing creepy about it at all.

Of course there isn't.

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Performing mostly for bachelor parties and other private engagements, the mother and daughter duo make a living stripping for men who likely fantasize about such an, um, unnatural pairing.

But Vidis and Robinson say nothing too gross actually happens between them on stage.

"Some people get a strange idea about what we actually do in our act, but it has humour and doesn't cross any boundaries," said Ms Robinson.

"That would be gross," Vidis added.

So how did this bizarre team come to form? Did mom really encourage her daughter to join her in the sex business? Actually, it was the other way around.

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Vidis broke into the world of pornography when she was just 18 years old, and she did it with her mother's full blessing.

Says Vidis, "I told mum what I was going to do and who I would be working with and she told me not to do anything I didn't want to do or had to get drunk or take drugs to do."

After a couple years and 50 or so porn films, Vidis got a request to do a mother-daughter photo shoot. Once producers got a look at mom's equipment ("They asked me where I got my body from," Vidis says), the rest was history.

Vidis maintains that porn is not what people think it is.

"I haven't had sex with dozens of men," she says. "I've only worked with a few in several movies."

"The porn industry is hard work, but I love it."

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