Nicole Scherzinger And Lewis Hamilton Break-Up After 4 Years

In Celebs by Emma Jones , on Friday, October 21, 2011, 5:25 AM (PDT)
nicole scherzinger


Hamilton And Scherzinger's Relationship Hits The Pits

It must be the curse of the reality TV singing show. Not long after Jennifer Lopez landed an American Idol judging spot, her relationship with Marc Anthony fell apart. Now, Nicole Scherzinger, as the new X Factor judge, has waved goodbye to her relationship with Formula 1 racing driver, Lewis Hamilton.

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While Scherzinger and Hamilton have been together for almost four years, they announced their split yesterday, citing work pressures as the reason. A source told the Sun newspaper:

"Nicole and Lewis have tried to make it work but realized it's just not happening so have called it a day once and for all. They've spoken at length about it but agreed there's no point as they never see each other. They spend their whole time on opposite sides of the world. Although they came to an amicable decision, Nicole is actually devastated about it. She thought Lewis was the one."

Clearly, Scherzinger has been struggling in the circus act of juggling her love life and many work commitments. In the past year alone, the Hawaiian bombshell has released her debut solo album Killer Love, filmed a part in Men In Black III, and landed the job as a judge on US X Factor. Hardly leaves much room for a date night.

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Hamilton on the other hand, while touring the globe with his F1 team McLaren, has suffered a pretty dismal year career-wise. After his 2010 season, Hamilton admitted his personal life had affected his campaign. "[In my] personal life, the way things have gone hasn't been as smooth and as happy as in the past," he said in December. "[When] you've not got all the pieces in place it makes it very hard to do other aspects of your life as easily."


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