One Direction's Harry Styles Spent Big Bucks on Pizzas for Homeless

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Friday, February 01, 2013, 8:57 AM (PST)
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Harry Styles Doesn't Know He's Generous - That's What Makes Him Generous

19 year-old Harry Styles may be the hottest thing since sliced bread (or Justin Bieber) but that doesn't mean that he's too big for his British britches -- quite the contrary as he's been known to do some pretty nice things for those less fortunate than gazillionaire boy banders.

Case in point, the Chesire, England native, who worked in a bakery before hitting it big with One Direction on Britain's version of the "X Factor," recently spent thousands of dollars - and his only day off work in months - on Domino's pizzas which he then distributed to the homeless in Los Angeles.

A spokesperson from the pizza chain confirms this story saying,"All we really want to say though is thank you to Harry for involving us in such a cool thing that he did. My understanding is that Harry and One Direction have plenty of fans... but they certainly gained a bunch more today from us here at Domino's."

And singer Ed Sheeran (Lego House) confirms that Styles is an all around stand up citizen. About the pizza incident Sheeran says, "I think that's an amazing story. That's pretty cool right?... People write about Harry all the time in a negative way with all his love life and stuff, but he does stuff like that a lot... He's actually a pretty genuine dude... Harry only came into this huge amount of wealth in the past two years, so he doesn't take it for granted at all. He's really generous and likes feeling like he does some good in the world."

No wonder Taylor Swift found (finds?) Styles so charming.

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