One-Armed Woman Wins International Pole Dancing Championship [VIDEO]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 5:12 AM (PDT)
one-armed pole dancer


Australian Pole Dancer Deborah Roach Took First Place at the International Pole Championship in Hong Kong Last Week

A 29-year-old Australian woman finished in first place at the International Pole Championship in Hong Kong last Thursday, despite the fact that she has only one arm.

Deborah Roach, a one-time IT worker, told The Telegraph newspaper in England she was inspired to compete after she saw a circus act in 2006.

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"Yeah look, I actually got into an underground Goth scene in my teenage years because I didn't fit into normal society," Roach says. "And I loved dancing the night away on the dance floor, and that led to stage dancing in clubs."

She won a 2009 pole competition -- against contestants with both arms -- and that pushed her to quit her IT job, become a personal trainer, get her first prosthetic arm and learn to ride a bike at age 28.

Her next big goal: to represent Australia in the Paralympics games.

Check out video of Deborah Roach in action below:



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