PHEW: Lark Voorhies Just a Victim of Bad Makeup Job: Before and After Photos

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, May 18, 2012, 8:17 AM (PDT)
lark voorhies
What happened to Lark Voorhies face?


Lark Voorhies' Face Isn't Scary After All

Saved By the Bell star Lark Voorhies had people chattering last week when a video showed her face looking a little less like she used to.

She looked downright scary, in fact.

Heck, she looked so different from her Lisa Turtle days that people were asking "What happened to Lark Voorhies' face?" and "Did Lark Voorhies get plastic surgery?"

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Turns out, it was just a bad makeup job.

REALLY bad, in fact.

Check out the before and after photos here -- the pic above shows Voorhies during the interview, while the photo below was tweeted by Voorhies' makeup artist.

The pic was taken of Voorhies on the set of a movie called Jessica's Journey.

Phew! Her face isn't scary anymore.

May I suggest that it's time to hire a new makeup artist ... or at least take a peek at yourself before you head to your interview?

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Do you still think Voorhies has had plastic surgery? She looks 1,000 times better in the new pic than in that interview, for sure.


lark voorhies
Lisa Voorhies' face is okay, y'all!


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