Penelope Cruz's Baby Weight Loss "Secret"

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Friday, May 13, 2011, 12:28 PM (PDT)
penelope cruz
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Just nine months ago, she was in labor!

I don't know how celebrities like Penelope Cruz lose their baby weight so fast! Cruz is trying hard to trim down, utilizing her industrial Spanx, and every time she makes a public appearance, she looks better. What's her secret?

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It's about mixing up workouts and eating right for Penelope Cruz, who's into living healthy without punishing herself.

"I love ballet and it's a little boring for me to go to the gym because I'm used to the dancing discipline," Cruz recently told The Mirror. "It's really hard but much more fun."

And just because she now calls Los Angeles her home with hubby Javier Bardem and baby Leo doesn't mean that she's abandoned her favorite foods from Spain.

"I love Spanish food," Penelope added. "My diet is the Mediterranean diet, which is good food. I eat well, but I try to eat healthy."

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So basically, Penelope Cruz is talking about moderate exercise and a healthy diet to lose weight! Shocker. Honestly, there are no "secrets," as we see over and over again, but I wish there were.

Cruz has been favoring layered lace and ruffles, complete with nipped-in waists, during her post-pregnancy "back in the game" appearances, but she also wore a hideous velvet-and-beads encrusted black dress on the red carpet in Russia. She's gorgeous and has regained her amazing figure, but that was a huge NO moment. Better luck next time, Penelope!

Who wants to see more pics of baby Leo? I know I do.

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