Rihanna and Chris Brown Performing Together at MTV VMAs? [POLL]

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Friday, August 31, 2012, 5:20 AM (PDT)
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Will You Watch … or Protest by Changing the Channel?

Rihanna left no doubt after her recent interview with Oprah that her feelings about abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown are, to say the least, complicated.

But a report from suggests she's definitely having some oddly warm and fuzzy feelings about him right now, as the website says she is insisting that he perform with her at next week's MTV Video Music Awards.

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The website reports Rihanna's team has informed VMA producers that she wants Brown to come on stage with her during her performance at the Sept. 6 MTV awards show.

"(The producers) like the ratings that (a Rihanna/Brown duet) would bring, but there could be some backlash too … There isn't much choice since Rihanna is insisting that he perform with her," a source tells

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Earlier this week, reported that Rihanna and Brown were willing to present an award together during the VMAs.

But both presenting together and performing together would be a major public statement by Rihanna on her relationship with Brown.

Though rumors have swirled for months that the two see each other privately, and Brown did work with Rihanna on the remix of her song "Birthday Cake" earlier this year, they haven't made any major career-related joint appearances since before the Feb. 2009 fight that ended with Rihanna requiring hospitalization for facial injuries.

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Will you stay tuned if Rihanna and Chris Brown perform together during the VMAs?

  1. Yes. Guiltily, I admit I won't be able to look away.
  2. No. She may have forgiven him, but the whole situation is too messed up for me.
  3. Stay tuned? That assumes I'll be watching the VMAs at all, which I won't.


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