'SNL' Star Seth Meyers: Kelly Ripa's New Co-Host?

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Friday, July 06, 2012, 4:52 AM (PDT)
seth meyers new kelly ripa co-host


The Saturday Night Live Star Is Reportedly One of Three Finalists to Replace Regis Philbin as Ripa's New (Permanent) Co-Host

Live! With Kelly and Seth? Could be … the search to find a permanent replacement for Regis Philbin has led to a surprising trio of finalists, with Saturday Night Live star and writer Seth Meyers reportedly in the lead to sit beside Kelly Ripa as her new morning talk show co-host.

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The other two (just as surprising) finalists: former football star Michael Strahan and singer Josh Groban.

Roger Friedman at reports the aforementioned trio is battling it out to join Ripa in September, when Disney TV, ABC and Live! producer Michael Gelman will make a final decision after an almost year-long search for a new Ripa cohort.

Meyers, who hosts SNL's Weekend Update news segment and is the show's head writer, has been a guest co-host several times with Ripa and will co-host for an entire week later this month.

Friedman reports the funny guy would likely continue his Weekend Update gig, but would resign his post as SNL head writer, because of the schedule, if he gets the Live! job.

Retired New York Giants star Strahan, meanwhile, has co-hosted several times with Ripa and has a good rapport with her, while multi-platinum-selling pop star Groban has also been a frequent and popular Live! co-host, dating all the way back to 2006.

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Regis Philbin co-hosted his final Live! episode last November 18, and the search for his permanent replacement has included guest co-hosting stints by Jerry Seinfeld, Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos, Joel McHale, Carson Kressley, Reggie Bush, Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper (Ripa's favorite prospect, despite the fact that he already has two jobs), Andy Cohen, Cat Deeley, Taye Diggs, Nick Lachey, Chris Harrison, Alec Baldwin, Randy Jackson, Pat Kiernan, Rob Lowe and Jim Parsons.

Our favorites: Jerry O'Connell and Martin Short, who both had great chemistry with Ripa and were hilarious in the morning patter and interviewing fellow celebs segments.

Comments (2)
Posted By Patti (2 years ago)
I think the way Kelli practically drools all over Strahan may indicate he'll get the gig. I don't find him interesting, though, and would probably stopped recording the program if he's chosen. I love Josh Groban, and he's funny and a natural at co-hosting, but can't imagine he's really interested in taking that on - when would he record/tour/act? Seth Myer is good, too. I think Neil Patrick Harris is really great, and Dana Carvey or Martin Short. I think Martin Short would be good because he's older and has lots of great stories like Regis.
Posted By Rita (2 years ago)
Michael Strahan is good, but couldn't see him taking over the show as host when Kelley is off. My favorite would bee Neil lPatric Harris, but that seems not to be a choice. Nick Lachey would be great and I agree that Martin Short would have that same quality that we loved with Regis and Kelly.
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