Sandra Bullock's New Orleans Home Drawing Tourists

In Celebs by KGaz , on Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 8:00 AM (PDT)
sandra bullock
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Gawkers want a peek at Bullock's new life.

We're a little disturbed at the images we've just caught of a tour guide taking New Orleans vacationer for an organized visit to Sandra Bullock's new home. Hey noseys: leave Sandra Bullock alone!

Radar has video of a tour gallavanting through New Orleans, past Sandra Bullock's mansion on Coliseum Street. It's known that this is where Bullock is staying, since she and ex-husband-to-be Jesse James closed on the property last September. Moving vans were spotted at the mansion 10 days ago, and we reported that Bullock spent her Mother's Day with her new baby Louis and their entourage in New Orleans' French Quarter.

Now tourists are making it their business to peek at Bullock's home? We have a problem with this. Sandra Bullock is trying -- gracefully -- to keep herself together and build a new life after her Oscar win and the public discovery that her husband, Jesse James, was a dog throughout their marriage. Put your cameras and fanny packs away and go for some alligator bites on Bourbon Street, people. There's nothing to see here but a house. Incredible.

By the way, wouldn't you think Sandra Bullock would have mad gates and security?



Get our story on Sandra Bullock's Mother's Day of shopping -- way to dodge the crowds, Sandy! Also flip through our Sandra Bullock slideshow...okay, okay, we admit it: we get the attraction.

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Comments (7)
Posted By TheDevilDus (4 years ago)
Sandy is a turd Whos cares about her She'll never be a guud parent returning to ACTING she signed up for this publicity she wants to be an actress still insted of a parent "she just gives them what they want" until she separates what she wants from her life {which is attention} and decides to live a life worth living, she's going to facing hardships like this all the time TIME WILL TELL does anybody really know whut this WENCH is like behind closed doors im sick of all these articles that kiss her butt...CASSANDRA is a WORTHLESS SOCIOPATH and anyone who would claim to care about her is just as bad as MICHELLE McGEE...Yu all just a bunch of BUTT-KISSING OPPORTUNISTs...
Posted By TheAngel (4 years ago)
^ wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today
Posted By James Henneberg (4 years ago)
OMG,.. she could show up on MY doorstep and marry ME ANY DAY she wants!!! I'm NO Jesse James (body-wise) but I'm also not an ass like he is. MARRY ME SANDRA!
Posted By Tim (4 years ago)
Was shocked to see the photo of her home considering I have 10 photos of it on my camera. They have this house on a walking tour in the garden district, its not labeled on the website we downloaded the map from who owns the house. The architecture is amazing, she has these railings that are really one of a kind. Sorry for any invasion, certainly more interested in the home than a strangers private life.
Posted By Karen (4 years ago)
The entire Garden District is a tourist attraction. Always has been. Maybe more so now with her there but she's not the only reason. the Pitt-Jolie clan have a home there too. Ann Rice used to live there , not sure if she still does. Hopefully it will calm down and people will respect her privacy . It is said Brad Pitt doesn't have problems when he's out and about.
Posted By Jody (4 years ago)
FYI...These tours have been going on way before Sandra bought this house and moved in. The tours focus on the architecture and history of the homes...not who lives in them. Get your facts straight before you start knocking the locals who are making a living by providing a rich history of the neighborhood.
Posted By scarriere69 (3 years ago)
Leave Sandy alone and respect her privacy. She dwells in New Orleans because it's rich in culture without all the aggravation of gawkers, paparazzi and media hype. Welcome Home Sandra....
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