School Dress Codes for Teachers? [POLL]

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 11:45 AM (PDT)
Teachers must follow dress codes in some schools


Schools Implementing Teacher Dress Code Guidelines

If students have to adhere to school dress codes, why shouldn't teachers? Right? (Hmmm.)

One Kansas school is implementing a dress code policy for the teachers, but should other schools follow suit?

After all, do teachers really need to have guidelines to instruct them on what is and isn't appropriate to wear in the classroom?

You'd be surprised.

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The Wichita School District is joining the trend of schools that have implemented such policies, including a New York City elementary school that doesn't allow teachers to wear jeans and a Phoenix school district that requires tattoos and piercings be covered.

Fifth-grade teacher Tim Schooley, who says he keeps the tattoo on his calf covered, notes, "Tattoos can be a symbol or something of extreme significance that you have. That, to me, is a little bit different."

Other school districts have banned female teachers from wearing tank tops with skinny straps, noting they can't be less than two inches wide.

I have to imagine that schools implementing a dress code for teachers would seek to keep skirt lengths appropriate as well.

Arizona's Litchfield Elementary School District Superintendent Julianne Lein said that their dress code was the result of parental complaints.

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What's the punishment for staff breaking the rules? Lein explains, "Staff members will first be counseled by their supervisor to brainstorm options in ways to meet the code. Further non-compliance will be dealt with through the normal disciplinary channels."

Keep it school appropriate, teachers!

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Should teachers have to adhere to a certain standard of dressing?

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