Snooki Wants Love and Babies

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Wednesday, October 06, 2010, 12:15 PM (PDT)
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Snooki's got plans

Snooki's angling for the perfect life, and that includes an obviously tanned guido she can wed. She wants kids as soon as she gets married, and you know what? She's pretty much open to whatever kind of job she's good at. Snooki probably needs to keep her options open, so good for her.

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Snooki's not afraid to say what she wants! While I like to stay quiet because I am afraid of jinxing stuff, she'll lay it on the line. What are Snooki's plans for marriage?

"I wanna be married by 26, 27... get pregnant right away and have like, you know, four guido/guidette babies," she said. "My ultimate guy would be hysterical, funny, makes me laugh, very family oriented, obviously tanned," the reality gal said. "He has to have muscles and just know how to have a good time."

Well, that's what I wanted in a husband. Actually, not at all. I hope Snooki realizes that you can meet a pale guy in a club and get him spray tanned. She could also work out with him and teach him how to party like a champ. Really, she needs is a funny guy who's all about the family. I mean, his family, not the family.

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As for Snooki's future work ops?

"I wanna be a clothing designer, hair designer... Try acting just to say that I tried it, and if I'm a success at it, good for me. If I'm not, I tried."

Do you remember when we were kids and all the girls said that they wanted to be actresses/models/singers? This Snooki interview is giving me flashbacks. Memories!

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