Sofia Vergara's New Clothing Line Is Now Available At Kmart

In Fashion by Emma Jones , on Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 5:33 AM (PDT)
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Too Bad We Can't Get Her Body, Too


Sofia Gets Soccer-Mom Glam

Another celeb has taken on a budget store clothing line but, this time, the collaboration is between Kmart and Sofia Vergara. Back in January we reported on Vergara's possible Kmart line and now, it has come to fruition.

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While 39-year-old Vergara is known for her Emmy winning role as Gloria on Modern Family and that incredible body, she's also a clothing designer whose new autumn womenswear line forthe discount retailer was inspired by great "soccer-mom" looks.

Vergara, whose son Manolo is now 18, believes "comfort" is as important as glamour when choosing new pieces for her wardrobe. As she told Us Weekly, "I wanted to create clothes for the mom who wants to look nice even while taking her kids to soccer practice."

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The Colombian actress also believes that women can look magnificent without maxing out their credit cards, she has been sure to incorporate thrifty sensibility into her 35-piece collection of shoes, dresses, bags and jewelry. "It's stuff that everyone can afford that also makes them look sexy," Vergara explained.

So we have a collection that is comfortable, gives value for money, and looks good. Sounds a little too good to be true, but Vergara insists "these are the same things that I wear!"

You can check out the Sofia by Sofia Vergara collection here and let us know what you think at our polling station below.


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