Student "Tea-bags" Teacher's Teacup; Gets Expelled

In Life by Ivan Ciano , on Tuesday, June 05, 2012, 12:05 PM (PDT)
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Newcastle, U.K. Student Mistakenly Posted a Picture of the Act on Facebook

In a "prank" that  could've been lifted straight from a Will Ferrell comedy -- a student was expelled after "tea-bagging" his teacher's drink ... That's right, he actually submerged his testicles into her mug, which, ironically, was tea. Yum.

This occurred within the confines of Benfield School in Newcastle Upon Tyne, where the student was apparently on a repulsive prank kick. According to Metro, he'd ask his fellow classmates to dare him to carry out repulsive deeds via Facebook, the same online community where a photo of the "tea-bagging" ended up being posted.

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Unaware of the incident until after the fact, the teacher drank from her mug and became so distraught after the fact that she took a leave of absence from the school but has since returned to work. (No word on whether she plans to continue drinking tea.)

A source told Metro that ‘The boys saw the cup, in a classroom, which they then took. They did the deed in the corridor. It all came from one of them on Facebook asking his friends: "Who dares me to do this?"'

Perhaps karma would have been pretty sweet if the tea had been boiling hot at the time of the incident.  

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Posted By cheap ray ban sunglasses (1 year ago)
Perhaps karma would have been pretty sweet if the tea had been boiling hot at the time of the incident.
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