Study: Falling in Love with Gadgets Is Possible

In Love & Sex by , on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 3:44 PM (PST)
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Dang, cell phone. You lookin' good tonight.

Falling in love is a special thing, even when it's with your television set. Don't believe me? New research from Arizona State University reveals people can develop special relationships and actually be in love with inanimate objects.

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According to a new study published online in the Journal of Consumer Research, many people can actually fall in love and have a serious relationship with their cell phone, computer, automobile or firearm.

Researchers call this "material possession love" in which a person "becomes emotionally attached to possessions as real substitutes in what resembles a human relationship."

The study, which followed hundreds of subjects over the past three years, found that these people will spend more money on their material possession than on other people, and will talk about it as if it is a real person.

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"As human beings, we are wired to take care of others, to love others. If folks don't have those opportunities, here is another option," said John Lastovicka, ASU Business Marketing professor and lead author of the study.

"Being lonely isn't good for your health. It can lead to depression, alcoholism, lots of other things that are far worse."

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