WATCH: Company Grows REAL Fruit Shaped Like a Juice Box [VIDEO]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Monday, May 21, 2012, 5:25 AM (PDT)
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Camp Nectar


The Box-Shaped Fruit Even Looks Like It Has a Straw!

Here's an ad campaign two years in the making: the Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar wanted to make the point that its juice is full of real fruit, so the company places box-shaped molds over growing fruit, which made the fruit grow into the shape of the juice boxes.

The video below showcases the process, which took Camp Nectar two years to perfect. By placing plastic molds over the fruit that was still growing on trees, the company got box-shaped fruit that even has the company logo on it and which looks like a bendy straw is growing out of the top.

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Camp Nectar grew juice box-shaped lemons, oranges, guava and passion fruit, and then displayed them in supermarkets next to real fruit.

How cool would it be to stroll down the fruit and veggie aisle, reach for an orange or lemon and come up with one of these clever creations?

Watch the video, which includes time lapse footage of the box-shaped fruit growing:



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