What to Get Your Guy For Valentine's Day

In Love & Sex by , on Saturday, February 11, 2012, 8:00 AM (PST)
valentines day
He could build you a new house!


Get all, like, romantic and stuff.

Men aren't so hard to shop for, you just have to know how they think. Valentine's Day is no exception. Everyone thinks men hate it, but that's only because dudes don't know what to do with roses and sappy Hallmark cards.

So if you're stressing over what to get that man o' yours, check out some of our ideas in this handy, dandy slideshow of manly appreciation!




Beer of the Month Club, $20.95

iTunes Giftcards, $15 - $50

Steven Seagal DVD Boxset, $54.84

Lego Starter Set, $14.99

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Comments (6)
Posted By Jessica (5 years ago)
My man is getting a cold knuckle sandwich, with a kick in the groin chaser. Hooha!
Posted By misscottrell (5 years ago)
I saw a survey that says men want as their number one gift Sorta surprising. I feel like the iTunes Giftcards might be a better bet, but then I'm not a guy, maybe they do want a book? survey:
Posted By Jessica (5 years ago)
Every guy I know wants video games, electronics, and a yummy meal
Posted By HairStylist (5 years ago)
my guy would love the beer of the month club - thanks for the suggestion! Does it automatically come with chips and salsa to make him REALLY happy?
Posted By (3 years ago)
Beer Clubs is a great resources on everything beer and we have searched high and low to bring you what we believe are some of the best beer clubs online.
Posted By (2 years ago)
My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with am'illionair'e young man!\it is the largest and best club for wealthy people and their admirers to chat online. …you don’t have to be rich there ,but you may meet one!
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