Why Do Women Make Noise During Sex?

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She's calling for back-up.


Does Sex-Screaming Help Men Achieve Climax Faster?

You've heard of the come hither stare. Well, what about the come hither yell? New research suggests that women are loud and freaky during sex because it turns nearby men on, promoting more competition for her vocal chords and other body parts.

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British primatologist Stuart Semple hypothesizes that female humans and other great apes vocalize during sex as part of an unconscious way to call males to her before, during and after sex.

Semple studied the acoustic structure of hundreds of mating calls of female baboons and found that each call had distinct variations that might give males in the area detailed information about her ovulation cycle, her sexual readiness and perhaps even the quality of the guy she's currently with.

In other words, a healf-hearted whimper probably means she's got a lame ape in the sack. Either way, as most of us with upstairs neighbors can attest, "female copulatory vocalization" is unmistakeable.

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"Even the uninitiated can identify female nonhuman primate orgasm, or sexual pleasure," primatologist Meredith Small told Psychology Today. "Females make noises not heard in any other context but mating."

Other researchers looked at the copulation calls of actual humans, and while the variations and complexity are not as pronounced as those of baboons, they still could be evidence of an evolutionary holdover.

So what possible advantage could a female screaming her head off during sex be for an animal with natural predators within earshot? Scientists guess that screaming could help bring the man to, um, a finishing point quicker.

However (and this brings us to the article's choice quote), "male primates are not known for needing a great deal of assistance in activating their ejaculatory reflex."

To read more about female copulation calls, head over to

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