Why Susan Boyle Canceled 'DWTS' Performance

In Celebs by KGaz , on Tuesday, October 05, 2010, 9:56 AM (PDT)
susan boyle
Susan Boyle:


Why "DWTS went from Boyle to Bolton.

Susan Boyle might do well to sit down for a chat with Lady Gaga, who'd probably break it down for Boyle: fame's tough.

After Susan Boyle suffered an insult that sent her walking away from "America's Got Talent" in tears, "Dancing with the Stars" host Tom Bergeron announced Monday night that Boyle's highly-anticipated "DWTS" performance was canceled.

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We'd actually heard rumors that Susan Boyle suffered a toe injury that kept her from reporting for her second "Dancing with the Stars" appearance, scheduled for Tues., Oct. 5. Toe confirmation is still oustanding (a pun, yes, on purpose)...and what of this buzz of another Boyle breakdown?

Turns out Susan Boyle's mental condition is just fine, according to Where is Susan Boyle? On Boyle's way from her homeland in Scotland to L.A., SuBo came down with a nasty infection: "Her doctor advised her not to sing due to a severe throat infection ... Susan is very upset at letting her fans down. Their continued support means so much to her."

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Fans' support also means a lot to Boyle's record label, who are putting out her second album this fall in time for holiday sales. notes the unfortunate timing of Boyle's sore throat, considering how crucial it is for her latest works to go on display -- Boyle "had hoped to showcase one of her new songs" on "Dancing with the Stars," according to the report.

Who will step into Susan Boyle's "Dancing with the Stars" spot Tuesday? The announcement was one that "DWTS" co-host Tom Bergeron waited Monday's entire episode to announce, but in a massive move, recent "DWTS" castoff Michael Bolton will return to perform Tuesday night! Will Bruno Tonioli finally apologize for last week's Bolton debaucle?

Will Susan Boyle Guest Star on 'Glee'?

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