Our Story

Fabulous clothes and a healthy planet, celebrity scoop and hot romance, great music and feeling gorgeous. We believe we can care just as much about our world as we do our skincare. Life is like that. LimeLife is like that.

Some things in life should never be more than a click away. We created so you could answer your most pressing questions. Is the skinny jean on its way to the fashion graveyard? How can you get Heidi Klum's hair? What does Barack Obama look like on a sneaker? At LimeLife we're always talking, and we want you in on the conversation. We can't wait to hear about your new band crush, latest rant, must-have mascara, or favorite boots. Chat, "snap" your favorite products and share with us.

Step into the LimeLife to read, play and participate in it all. We're a community, so always feel free to tell us what you want more of and what's tired, what's fun and what you can't stand. We made this site for you, and unlike most of Lindsay Lohan's leggings, we want LimeLife to fit you perfectly.

Thanks for hanging out,

The LimeLife Team