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Diane von Furstenberg Strapless Pleated Dress
Love strapless little numbers... and DVF!
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Aug 20, 2009 10:39:17 AM
diane von furstenberg , fall fashion , dresses
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Diane von Furstenberg Strapless Pleated Dress
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Diane von Furstenberg Strapless Pleated Dress
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Diane von Furstenberg Strapless Pleated Dress
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Diane von Furstenberg Strapless Pleated Dress
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Comments (8)
Posted By blinddawg (5 years ago)
Wow!!!!! Very nice refreshing dress love the heels to.
Posted By kowgirl13 (5 years ago)
Love love love the dress and shoes!!!!
Posted By hannah (5 years ago)
Plain but cute
Posted By demi rock (5 years ago)
i love it is cool
Posted By anzakson (4 years ago)
Posted By arinkarolweitzman (4 years ago)
I love how sassy and chic it looks. I bet it is also very comfortable to wear.
Posted By TheJaneDoe (4 years ago)
cute dress....great color
Posted By vickiepdancer27 (4 years ago)
adorable!! and I love Diane Von!
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